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Time-tested strategies and tactics that will work for your business. Our proven online gun sales strategy works... and it can work for you too!

The primary service we offer is the consignment sale of firearms that are purchased by pawn companies or are not redeemed by their customers. We provide an efficient and profitable method to quickly sell your firearms inventory at the best prices available in the market. By offering this value-added service, X-Caliber Firearms Sales will help pawn operators; 1. maximize profitability with faster firearm turnover; 2. increase available capital for lending; 3. provide an outlet for safe and secure firearms marketing; and 4. reduce regulatory liability.
HOW DOES IT WORK?: X-Caliber Firearms Sales will process all auctions by managing in-bound guns shipped from clients, logging the guns to our A&D book, photographing the guns, writing detailed professional gun descriptions, uploading the guns to the auction site, collecting payment and finally managing shipment to end buyers. We will also provide the client with tracking and reporting of all inventory movement throughout the process.
DON”T WORRY: We are a licensed, bonded and insured company, so your guns are safe with us!

WHAT DOES IT COST: Typically, our fee is between 10-12% of the final sale price depending on the volume of firearms you commit to consignment. OUT OF THAT WE PAY: All Auction fees, all sales taxes, all credit card fees, all outbound shipping costs & supplies and all insurance. All you need to do is get the guns to us and then wait for the check at the end of the month.


Increase sales by expanding your market to customers throughout the United States. A significant challenge for many pawn operations is having stale inventory, or not having the retail market for gun sales, especially unique or rare guns. Therefore, many pawn locations are limited on what guns they are able to take in on pawn. Our service effectively allows a retail pawn location to, "open its doors" to the entire United States, so they are no longer bound only by local walk-in traffic. Get the most for your guns, not the "least you will take".

Faster turn-around on guns means less gun inventory aging on your sales floor. Also, you can sell broken guns for profit rather than paying for costly repairs, or selling at a loss to clear it out.

Use our GUN LOOKUP product knowledge feature - know up front what to loan on guns to maximize revenue if a gun ends up not being redeemed.

Less regulatory risk due to reduced ATF forms/errors & less exposure to burglaries and robberies which have been on the rise recently, especially for firearms, by sending your guns “off site”. Having less guns leads to improved public relations within the communities you do business too.

More sales=more cash to loan=more pawn service charges=Bigger Bottom Line

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