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Argix Direct Inc. is a logistics company providing transportation services, primarily to specialty retailers throughout the United States. We are a privately held, debt free logistics solutions company, with over 30 years of service to the retail industry. We offer a strong focus on Customer Service emphasizing on-time and accurate deliveries. Our customer service mission is to deliver the best personalized service in the industry.

We understand retail as we are a logistics company run by retailers for retailers. Our Smart Scan technology ensures every delivery is executed with speed, flexibility and reliability. We deliver to over 7500 retail stores in virtually every mall and outlet mall in the United States every week.

Argix Direct reconfigures multiple pickups from vendors, distribution centers, ports and airports into efficiently organized store delivery shipments, enabling retailers to:

● Eliminate multiple deliveries
● Track specific cartons within shipments
● Free up distribution center space

Our Services Include:

● Store Deliveries
● Consumer Direct
● Line-Haul
● Freight Pick-up
● Consolidation
● DC By-Pass
● Import Deconsolidation
● Storage/Warehousing