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My name is Jay Kantor and I'm a third generation diamond dealer. The majority of my experience comes from retail. This has helped me considerably in the wholesale diamond buying and selling business because I understand customer service. I always know that you are the customer and your needs come first. And, the most important thing to know about Jay is JAY PAYS!

I Pay More I Pay Immediately No Minimums I Buy It All

Broken? Yep Chipped? Yep Marquises? Yep Baguettes? Yep Single Cuts? Yep

You get the idea. And the list goes on.

And Why Jay can pay more? If you go to the conventions you'll see buyers with elaborate booths with multiple stalls and loads of people working there. THAT COSTS MONEY! I have one booth and never more than one or two people helping. The money I save on the booth goes right into your pocket!

If you're having gold refined make sure to get your diamonds back. It's found money for you!