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The BANKER BK-10 utilizes our patented DMT Technology! No other product has it.
The BANKER Money Counter DMT provides far superior accuracy and trust from - -
Store Users, resulting in substantially improved levels of confident usage and productivity!

The Banker BK-10 Advantages:

Ease of use makes The Banker Money Counter - The Choice !
Intuitive Self-Prompting Large LCD Display
Automating counting optimizes your time !
Audit Trail with Fast Docu-Pro Printer
Superior DMT Technology Assures First Count Accuracy !
Not affected by humidity or gravity changes
Traditional Mechanical Counters requires Multiple Machines
Noisy, expensive and not accurate!
Quick & Accurate Cashier Till Counts
Total accountability - easy to verify counts for cashier and office
Quick & Accurate Safe and Deposit Counting
Easily verify money pack & clipped bills
Easily verify bagged or packaged coin
Count non-money tenders
Store coupons
Company specific tenders
Best in the business - Highest ROI !
Tops in accuracy in changing environment
Fastest - one count does it all
Retail hardened - long lasting & reliable
System Integration